Market Study And Research

Market research is the systematic process of collecting data and information from the market, about the potential customer and target audience, in relation to the desired product, and analyzing this data and information in order to determine the best Sales methods, advertising, distribution and sales locations, and predicting consumer behavior, about the company’s products and performance, and proposing solutions.

Market research (market research) uses for this purpose, social science methods, psychology especially industrial psychology, research methods and statistics and analysis techniques such as risk assessment.

In market research (market research), various approaches are used, such as: target market study, identification of specific markets, and their size and capacity and its conceivable approaches, product study, product market analysis, and product expectations There are market features, and those features of the product, that cause satisfaction or dissatisfaction with it.

Safety and Quality Engineering Company (SQS) is ready to provide market study services, including marketing, brand evaluation, surveys and customer opinion analysis, using the best and most up-to-date research methods.

Companies that want to operate and sell their products in the Iranian market, can leave it to us to study the market, and conduct feasibility studies about their product, whether produced in Iran or sold.