Export of Iranian goods

SQS Company (Pooyandehgan Imany Va Kayfiat) is active in the field of exporting various goods produced in Iran, especially food products and products of chemical and stone industries, and plays the role of sales unit of large manufacturing companies in Iran, which can be referred to:

In the field of food:

  • Export of dried fruits such as pistachios, almonds, raisins produced in Iran,
  • Export of dates produced in Iran, such as kebab and Rotab dates,
  • Export of canned foods including Iranian pickles and jams and canned fish,
  • Export of Iranian fishery products including shrimp,
  • Packaging and export of Iranian fruits such as pomegranate and kiwi,
  • Types of snacks produced in Iran, including chocolate, chewing gum, chips, biscuits, etc.,
  • Export of edible oils such as olive oil, etc.,
  • Honey exports,
  • Export of wheat and rice flour,
  • Export of saffron.


and export of other products such as:

  • Export of all kinds of cosmetic products, including all kinds of creams, tissues and ….,
  • Export of all kinds of medical and pharmaceutical equipment,
  • Export of leather products,
  • Plastic and rubber textiles, including agricultural and industrial hoses,
  • Plastic and kitchen consumable parts,
  • Types of decorative building stones,
  • Types of building sanitary ware,
  • Types of building ceramics, according to international standards,
  • Construction valves made in Iran, with international standards,
  • etc ….

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