Advice on choosing and buying industrial machinery

SQS company offers the best offer to companies, in the field of factory design and selection of technology and machinery, according to the target market conditions (demand for goods, competitors, prices, etc.), and the amount of companies’ capital and capacity Requirements and rate of return on investment.

To do this, SQS Company has compiled comparison tables of different technologies for production, their advantages and disadvantages, and by identifying the companies that produce this equipment, and obtaining their prices and conditions, and offering a purchase offer to its customers.

We offer advice on machine selection and technology services:

Food and agricultural processing industries,

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries,

Rubber and plastic,

Laboratory equipment in biological, chemical, mechanical and laboratory,

Packaging Industry,

Medical Equipment,

We are one of the companies approved by the Ministry of Health of Iran in the field of consulting on the production and purchase of medical equipment, and we provide advice in these cases, according to the requirements of the Ministry of Health of Iran.