Maintenance planning services

SQS has done many projects in the field of maintenance planning. Arman Gohar Sirjan Company, one of our customers, won the third place in 2018, and in 2019, won the first place in the National Award for Excellence in Maintenance and Repairs of Iran.

We plan, maintain and repair for companies, according to the following for companies, and monitor its implementation:

  • Information provided by equipment manufacturers,
  • Knowledge and experience of specialists and maintenance personnel,
  • Results related to the reliability of parts and equipment,
  • Assessment and analysis of asset maintenance risks,
  • Statistical analysis of the obtained results,
  • Analysis of maintenance costs,
  • Perform equipment replacement analysis by analyzing costs and checking reliability,
  • Software design for maintenance management,
  • Planning for inventory, maintenance and repair warehouses and spare parts,
  • Use of monitoring systems, such as OCM, TCM, VCM,
  • Define indicators and statistical analysis of results, and improve the system.